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Our Open and Affirming Covenant

In the beginning, God created diversity, made all of humankind in the image of God, and God saw that this was good. However, the Christian church has historically denied the full dignity of those with diverse expressions of gender and sexuality, and failed to celebrate the full spectrum of loving human relationships that give meaning to our lives and reflect the love that God shows to each one of us. The Giving Circle Church seeks to be an agent of healing and reconciliation in communities that have been silenced and dehumanized by false interpretations of the Good News: God’s love poured out for all humankind. Therefore, we declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, advocating the full inclusion of all people regardless of sexuality or gender identity in the vital life of the congregation, the association, conference and national setting of the United Church of Christ. Furthermore The Giving Circle Church commits itself to ending the systemic injustice faced by people of all expressions of human diversity, including race, class, ethnicity, national origin and residency status, age, ability, sexuality and gender expression throughout our society.

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